Break the Cycle

Life is different at Freeset

Freeset offers women a chance to break the cycle. At the center of our philosophy is a commitment to the women who choose to leave the trade and work for us instead. We provide employment, along with training and a community of support, to ensure that their decision to leave the trade is sustainable.

Positive Community

Every woman who finds freedom through Freeset also brings freedom to her family. They find hope for a brighter future and the means to make it a reality. As the business has grown, a positive community has emerged calling itself the “Freeset family. This family not only supports its own members, but impacts on the wider community. The common understanding is “we’re in this together”.

“I’m 31-years old and have one daughter who is growing up with my mother in the village. After years of working in the trade, I made the choice to join Freeset in hope of building a different future for us. Before, I was short tempered and would abuse people for small reasons. It was time to leave it all behind. I wanted to live a respectful and dignified life and Freeset supported me in finding the way to freedom. I don’t pick up fights randomly and I try to understand other people’s perspective before reacting on impulse. I feel transformed and more included in a good society.”

“I’m 38-years old and have one teenage son in secondary school. Someone told me about Freeset and the work they are doing. This job showed me the promise of a better life. Freeset trained me in sewing and taught me to read and write. I remember signing my name to collect my first salary. I will never forget that day in my life. I wanted my son to come and see where I worked. So on Freeset’s birthday, I got him to our factory. He hardly spoke to anyone during the celebration, but when we reached home, he said ‘Your factory is so big. One day I also want to work in an office like that.'”

“I started my journey at Freeset when I was 18-years old. Freeset not only taught me to become a skilled seamstress, but how to manage my money and save. With one of my first savings, I bought a water filter and that was the first water filter I’ve ever had in my own home. Now I’m 30-years old with a husband and a daughter, and have been promoted as one of the lead sewing trainers at Freeset. Working at Freeset has allowed me to see a different future for not only me, but my daughter too. Now I am saving money so my daughter can go to college.”